Rise (Demo)

by Yarost'

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Produced and recorded in one day by Yarost' @ Studiobloc - Sainte-Florence

Mixed by Jérémie Godet


released January 31, 2016

Yarost' are : Axel, Emet, Jérémie and Vincent.

Artwork by C. Strathmann, "Salammbô" edited by Sheglitchr

Special thanks to Pierre-Marie Mousset and Camille Grigaut



all rights reserved


Yarost' Pays de la Loire, France

Dark music with colored amps.

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Track Name: Pretty Medication
I can see
The great lake
Where I let
My memories drowned

To forget
Even to breath

The light is off
I can fade
Slightly, slowly
In this cold water

Now I see
From the depth
Of Myself
Track Name: Red Eye
Clean room full again
He told me it will come again
Men in white says t was not
But I know I've been told

It will come again
In this little village under mountain
It will come again
Red horns, yellow tooth and black wings
I don’t think that I can go on now
That’s what people told me about
The legend comes to me
The bell ring, I’m breathing for I can’t shout

I see it rising from the ground
Evil creature brings me down
No, I cannot change my mind
How can I be the chosen one

The beast locked me into its hand
And all I can see is
A red eye
A red eye
Track Name: Mouth Of Leviathan
Lyrics from "Lorenzaccio" by Alfred De Musset

You have remained motionless
Beside the ocean of men,
And you have beheld in the waters
the reflection of your own light

From the depths of your solitude
You found the ocean magnificient
beneath the splendid canopy
of heaven

You did not count each wave
You did not ear the sound of it
You were full of confidence
in God's handiwork

But I, during all this time, have dived
I have plunged into this rough sea of life
I have traversed all the depths of it

Covered with my diving-bell
While you were admiring the surface
I saw the débris of shipwrecks

The bones and Leviathan

Humanity raised its veil and showed me its monstrous nudity.

To my misfortune, I wished to be great.
Track Name: Into The Abyss
Bodies are falling
Into the great depths

Thousands lives behind
The edge of the cliff

Children of an unborn Joker
Raised to breath the smokes of Eden

Everything, everybody, is starring at these holes in the sky
And no one to try to catch anything
There are asphalt scars which twist our mind
Odd memories, ghosts of our cold nights

Chosen ones by the hand of doom

Our fists are closed and raised to the ground
We've chosen to fly with the thunder
Endless echoes fade out before the storm
"We're going from heaven" they said

But, we all fall
It stares back at us
We are going
Into the Abyss